So Disappointed B&N....So Disappointed.

So the new B&N eink reader has been announced. It has a glowlight, it's white, but guess physical page turn buttons and NO SD EXPANDABLE STORAGE.


I am raging hardcore right now. The expandable memory and the fact that my first e-reader was a 1st edition Nook was the only think keeping me with the company. Now they have broken my heart and I will probably choose a Kobo as my next e-reader. Unless B&N restores the expandable storage, I can't see myself continuing as a loyal customer. I can deal with the lack of physical page turn buttons. I do use them quite a bit but I can DEAL...though I shouldn't have to deal. (I'm being a spoiled brat.) 


I'm disappointed. Things like this shouldn't upset me the way they do. I shouldn't be this heartbroken over a stupid electronic device. But I am. 


I don't care that it is lighter.

I don't care that they have improved the grip.

I don't care about resolution improvements.

I don't care that page turns are no longer flashy.

I don't care that they "expanded" the storage to 4GB. Considering they took away SD expansion this is a loss really.


Not spending $119 on this. 


*Rant Over. Sorry for this outburst.*