30 Day Book Challenge: Day 8

Divergent - Veronica Roth Insurgent  - Veronica Roth


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Day 8: Most Overrated Book


My opinion seems to be the opposite of everyone else's opinion of this book (series) and maybe I'm a little jaded or maybe I just don't connect with the book in the proper way. I don't know but in my opinion the series is overrated.


Divergent (and Insurgent) by Veronica Roth


Now Roth seems to be a good writer. I liked the first book, but Tris. OMG Tris and Four. I can't.  In the first book, Tris started off like she was going to be a strong female character. Then she just...didn't evolve into a pleasing character. Perhaps it falls to the story being drawn out to make three books. Maybe she won't develop from her lack luster status until the last book. I don't know. I will read on to find out. But I did not like her, or Four. 


She struck me as really plain (not in appearance like the book describes her) and uninspiring. I felt she was just there. She was just a reaction to the event occurring around her and I did not like her reactions. I mean she did improve from her Abnegation state, but she wasn't as BAMF as I felt she could be given the chance.


Then in Insurgent. SHE WHINED AND WHINED AND WHINED. Oh did I feel no love for her. For someone who is supposed to be special and unique, she showed none of this. None. I felt we were told she was special and then the expectation was that we just accept it. 


Just look at one of my status updates. This is how unsympathetic I became to Tris. 


"I curl up so I can press my face to my knees. I have to make a plan. If I can make a plan, I won't be so afraid."--page 192-- Well you should have thought about making a plan before....but that would require common sense. Well let's see Tris come out alive on sheer dumb luck.


And the story dragged on, back and forth, running here and there with no progress. That is until the final showdown. Then things finally progressed and yet, the amount of plot twists left me numbed when the final cliffhanger occurred. 


The fighting between Tris and Four was aggravating. They fought and made up over and over. I do not see the appeal of Four. He strikes me as serious but not in the good way. He overreacted to the littlest things. He condemned Tris for the slightest infraction. Here they are in the middle of a revolution, and he is getting mad at her for....breathing funny. (I know that didn't happen but I could see it happening.)


Tris has this obsession with Four that seems to rear its head at the wrong times. You are in the middle of "THE SHIT" and you want to focus on how how your boyfriend looks?




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