Finally Reviewed Spiritus by Dana Michelle Burnett

Spiritus - Dana Michelle Burnett

Spiritus (Spiritus Series, #1)Spiritus by Dana Michelle Burnett
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This left me on a cliffhanger...I really want to know what happens next. More review to come.

-------Review FINALLY written 10/2/13-------

This book is about a teenage girl named Becca who moves to her father's hometown after the death of her mother. What follows is a story of heartbreak and past love triggered by a seance with her new group of friends. (WHY DO THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO PERFORM A SEANCE! Never EVER perform a seance when you are new in town, drunk, or bored. In fact, why even mess with the supernatural. Leave it alone.)

I read a book recently, that reminded me of elements found in this book and why supernatural love is so enticing. "Monsters" (as the book labeled Vampires, Ghosts, Angels, etc.) are often used as symbols within a novel. Vampires are usually mysteriously attractive men who target young, beautiful, unmarried women in order to "eat" them, or if you prefer use them for what they can get from them. Ghosts are usually intended to point something out to the main character or reader (Hamlet).

In this case, Alistair is present to jog Becca's memory of a past event (A VERY past event) and because some teenage girls decided it was a great idea to have a seance. His presence also seems to bring himself a little bit closer to "closure". (An English professor once told us that "closure" is a yuppie word but IDGAF I'm using the term to describe what happened.) At first Becca does enjoy having Alistair around but things get more complicated and memories come back to her of a time long ago when life was different.

I wasn't particularly fond of the overabundance of "he is perfect" moments, but I can overlook them because at the time I was feeling the romance. (Even though I'm far from romantic and do not enjoy romance. So props to Burnett for that!)

Why did I enjoy this but disliked another well known novel with similar elements? (I'm not even going to mention the novel's name.) I have no idea why I liked it. I can't tell you. All I can tell you is, I approved of this book.

(I received an ePub copy of this book from the author in a giveaway @ A Bookalicious Story . Thank you to Dana Michelle Burnett for the chance to read this lovely book.)

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