Deadline by Mira Grant

Deadline - Mira Grant

Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy #2)Deadline by Mira Grant
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reading this book from Shaun's POV was difficult. I'm not a big fan of Shaun. He's a little slow on the uptake at times. Fortunately, there is a little voice of reason in the back of his head that helps him figure out the problems that come along. The beginning of the book was nicely paced. It provided us with the information we needed to know about changes that occurred since the end of the first book Feed. Readers were introduced to new characters and a new plot was unveiled.

Toward the middle of the book things seemed more....difficult to get through. And more plots were unveiled. I hate to admit this, my pride and all you know, but there were a couple plots that I didn't really grasp at first. I shall not tell you about them but I will say things could have been improved with a little less plot switching. Yet even though the plot or situation kept was still kinda slow and difficult and felt like it was dragging.

Now the end of the book. Let me tell you that was one head spinning, gut wrenching, spinning you so fast on the tilt o' whirl that I felt I was gonna explode. Suddenly the future is bright again and suddenly things have changed drastically. I felt as if Mira grabbed my heart, ripped it out of my chest, stuck a cute little zombie sticker on it and then placed it back in my chest. One minute I was ready to throw the book and yell about people dying all the time and screw those flippin' zombies, then the next I was like WAIT...WHAT!?!

And the last chapter fulfilled my little hopes and dreams and wishes and evil little prayers. But it was the excerpt from book three in the Newsflesh trilogy that confirmed my suspicions faster than a highly sensitive blood test just when you really need it.

I hated this book in the middle. I was okay with it in the beginning. But I loved it at the end. Absolutely loved it. But because only 1/3 of the book (or maybe less) was love worthy....I can only give it three stars. Cause I liked it overall.

Oh yea and I finished this on my birthday. Go me!

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