The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

The Tommyknockers - Edward Herrmann, Stephen King

This review is by my husband, Mike, with me typing it out. If there are spoilers I apologize as he is not used to reviewing without giving away the plot.


Mike: This book kept me in suspense. It held my attention. I really liked the flashbacks. It has a good story base. I especially liked how they made all the weird gadgets and *censored*. I think it is a must read book. I laughed a lot while listening to this audiobook.

Minda: Mike, what did you think about the characters Bobbi Anderson and Gard?

Mike: Bobbi was a laidback, scared of her family, sort of a black sheep. She did what she wanted to though, so I give her respect for that. Gard was crazy, mixed up, fought his own inner demons, but was quite the hero which was surprising.

Minda: Why do you think Bobbi was so scared of Anne?

Mike: Anne was the type who ruled everything. she was a *censored*.

Minda: What about the references to nuclear fallout, did you think they mirrored what was happening in Haven?

Mike: Yes. The connections between the two were very evident.

Minda: What is your opinion of the townspeople?

Mike: The townspeople were idiots. They seemed like backwood hicks.


And after those questions he had to concentrate on the road cause we were in rural Illinois and our GPS was trying to send us down restricted roads.


I liked the book and really appreciated that Stephen King went in depth about the town's history and all the weird happenings that occurred. I was shocked quite a few times at the physical changes to the Havenites. Especially when Bobbi's sister came to "visit".