Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne This book tore my heart apart. The characters went through so much in so little time. I cried along with them, I laughed along with them, and a clenched my fists in anger along with them. I was pleased with how Katniss seemed to spring back to her self in this last book of the Hunger Games Trilogy. At times she did slip back into her catatonic, overemotional, and analytical self. But it was for good reasons every time. Each time something was making the world a little to hard to handle.I can relate to that feeling. Sometimes it seems like every day is a struggle. Every day there is some new obstacle to overcome. Some new problem I must find a solution to and time cannot be wasted. From the very beginning Mockingjay was action packed. From the very beginning there was some obstacle to overcome. From the very beginning I was ready to fight.This series will stay in my memory and heart for a long time. And I wish it wasn't over but I am pleased with the outcome.