30 Day Book Challenge: Day 11

Season of the Witch - Troy Taylor


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Day 11: A Book You Hated


Season of the Witch by Troy Taylor


I was assigned this book in a college History class (Ghosts, Myths, and Legends - BEST CLASS EVER!) and I hated this book with a passion. I kept this book for a while but made the mistake, or luck, of loaning it to a family member. I never got it back. So most of this statement is based on what I remember of the story. I remember the inaccuracy in general and the dislike of the lackluster storytelling.


It was full of historical inaccuracies and poorly researched. It is supposed to be about the Bell Witch of Adams, TN. But really it was about twisting the facts to make this tale somewhat scary. Frankly, I have read scarier stuff in a children's book. The author seems to be a ghost hunter, which is cool. I like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Lab as much as the next paranormal fan. But I know ghost hunters twist things to make them seem more scary. They stretch the truth. And this was just a written version of a ghost hunting show.


This was NOT an actual historical account.  The real story of the Bell Witch is actually interesting, but nothing like the 2005 movie An American Haunting. There is a lot of hair pulling and talk of Native American spirits haunting the family. 


The Legend of the Bell Witch gives a general account of the accepted mythos of the Bell Witch. 


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