Empty - Suzanne Weyn When I read the summary of this novel I was very excited and could not wait to get started reading it. At first the characters were interesting and I liked how the setting was not vastly different from our current world. However, this story seemed to just keep strolling along. I felt no suspense or detectable plot. It was just....there. The characters just existed. It is kind of hard to describe but I will try. You know how fresh baked bread has this wonderful taste and it is so delicious and you can taste the ingredients. It seems to just melt in your mouth and stimulate your taste buds. That is how a book with a great plot and suspense tastes. Before the first bite you can feel the excitement and can't wait to dive in and begin cutting (or tearing if you are like me) piece after piece off to enjoy it.Well this book was more like your generic, grocery store sliced bread. It tastes bland and is just something to hold together your lunch meat, cheese and sandwich dressing. Eaten by itself it doesn't really excite you or make you crave slice after slice.The writing was not atrocious. The characters were not cliched and predictable. They were just boring. It was like watching someone go about answering their mail. It was ok. It just was not exciting. And this makes me sad. I hoped for so much adventure and heart pounding plot. There did not even seem to be a climax.