New Moon  - Stephenie Meyer I had a long.....detailed review typed out. Then T-MOBILE...decided it wanted to drop my connection. Anyways the synopsis of my review said that I hate Bella, I hate Edward, Jacob needs to eat them both. Bella is a tease, she plays with people emotions cause she has not flipping emotions herself. Victoria would be doing everyone a favor by killing Bella and Edward. I hate this book it's only saving grace was that for atleast 70% of it I didn't have to hear mushy antagonizing romance. Bella, Edward, Explain to me why you flipping love each other cause ya know what...there is no explanation. Meyer never took the time to EXPLAIN why you two are so attached at this hip. And why are you going to let that pansy Edward tell you that you can't say bye to your friend Jacob. Oh well I guess you are just some dependent brainless bimbo just like I thought. This book makes me very very angry. I'm only reading it because I wanna have the RIGHT to complain. I wanna be able to look someone in the eye and say "yes I read that book and let me tell you why I hated it so much" ....but I can't do that here cause I have to hurry before this piece of crap technology drops me AGAIN. Maybe I'll type out a longer review next time. Maybe.