Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer I got so angry at this book that about half way through I gave up writing down what in particular was annoying me because it was just a repeat of what was annoying me in the first half. Edward seems really cold and heartless toward Bella when he doesn't like how she reacts. Edward says something that offends Bella about Jacob and he gets very stiff and formal with her. Like it's HER fault he said it. Like it's her fault about everything. What a jerk. When she says something about her dad suggesting she go see Jacob he gets all stiff and formal again. She pleads that he is hurting but Edward refuses to discuss the matter. It's his way or no way at all apparently. I think Meyer was making fun of her own ridiculous storyline in this book, evidenced by this. When discussing why she enjoys Wuthering Heights so much he says the book would be better if either of them had one redeeming quality and Bella says that their love is their only redeeming quality. At times their back and forth love mushy gushy bullsmack make me want to scream. Ugh we get it Meyer, Bella and Edward love each other...for no reason at all."I love you.""I love you more""I love you most""I love you more than a small tree compared to a forest"*Pukes*And yet STILL Edward will not let Bella go see her friend. Claims it is TOO DANGEROUS. Ugh...his way or the highway.Bella decides that she is going to go see Jacob, after curfew, with her dad's permission. EDWARD being the asshole that he is...has had Alice watching Bella's future. So when Alice tells Edward that Bella's future disappeared, this meaning that she was going to see Jacob, EDWARD disables her truck so she can't go anywhere. Isn't this sort of obsessive?Ok so then Edward tells Bella if she wants him to stay away that night and not watch her sleep...ugh...for her to shut her window. So she stomps in and slams her window shut. Then the BIMBO opens it back up so Edward can come in and watch her sleep. So many things about Edward make me hate him. He is obssesive, jealous, petty, and thinks everything should be HIS way. A selfish heartless jerk in my opinion. He's so wrapped up in himself that he can't see he is being a controlling FREAK!Even Bella's mom sees something weird about their relationship. She thinks Edward is protective. That is not the word I would use but I guess it works well enough if you don't know he is a vampire and wants his way all the time.On a side note, I am going to go on a little rant about Bella's dad. This man cannot cook for himself. It is like he expects Bella to cook for him. Which being the overeager little woman, not the feminist that I've heard people proclaim she is, she happily cooks, cleans, blah blah. Ok I'm not downing people taking pride in doing the deeds of a good daughter, not by a long shot. I myself play the good daughter role quite a bit at my parents' house. Bella seems to literally LIVE to do these things. Maybe I'm reading too much but sometimes it really irks me.Edward is always pulling Bella behind him. Like he thinks he needs to protect her all the time. I guess Bella just looking at someone else is dangerous to her health. Or maybe it's just dangerous to Edward's brainwashing of Bella. Jacob is standing outside Forks High School. Edward says that he wants to talk to him. So Edward and Bella walk over. Edward pulls Bella behind him. I have this mental picture of Bella standing behind Edward with this "oh dear I'm so fragile and scared" look on her face while biting her nails and Edward puffing up his chest with this look like "I'm the man. The man makes the woman stand behind him so he can protect her." Ugh...give it a flipping rest! And Edward never tells Bella anything. He probably justifies that he is "protecting her" when really he's just keeping her dumbed down and submissive in my opinion. So then it starts to make sense to Bella, wow took her long enough, that something is going on. That Edward kept something from her that Jacob would not keep from her. That the Vamps and Wolves where in close proximity to each other and it was this close encounter that make Edward so adamant and demanding that Bella go see her mother in Florida that previous weekend. Edward lied to Bella about a vision Alice had about Jasper. Edward takes his stalker/obsessive tendencies so far as to follow Bella's truck. Now tell me that isn't insane. Bella snuck off to see Jacob, HER FRIEND, and Edward obviously finds out. So Bella is driving home and this crazy psycho vampire is FOLLOWING HER IN HIS VOLVO...and she goes to her friend Angela's house. And he passes by.Typical "I MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AT EVERY MOMENT!" stalker fashion...And of course he can't let her out of his site for a moment. Ugh...STALKER! Bella gets back from her friend Angela's house and goes up to her room and OF COURSE EDWARD IS UP THERE IN HER ROOM...UGH I soooo want to just strangle this, this, ugh EDWARD!It's like he freaking pats her on the head all the time going "Silly woman, don't you know you need me, THE MAN, to protect you. You're not safe on your own. No and you don't need to think for yourself either, that is the MAN'S JOB." It's like he is one of those, hope this doesn't offend anyone, over fanatic religious people who feel that women should be there to produce offspring, wait on the man hand and foot, and sit there looking pretty. And of course Bella does all these things. (Hmmm one of those is based on what I know happens in the last book so yea...Spoiler) I would love for Buffy the freaking vampire slayer to stake this jerk. LOVE FOR BUFFY TO WIPE HIS A($($ OUT!So that is my review. At times I repeat myself but this is exactly what I was feeling as I was reading the book. Extreme rage.