Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine I used to own this book in hardback. But a few years ago I lost it. Recently I was shopping at the Goodwill store and I stumbled across this favorite from my childhood. I immediately purchased it for 50 cents.While Ella Enchanted is not the most eloquently written book, it warms my heart like no other book. Deep down inside me there is a little imaginative girl with a fond love of fairytales, magic, and fantasy. That little girl squeals with delight every time I read my favorite retold fairytale. The magic of the story pulls me in and takes me away to Frell. Where a Prince and a clumsy, short, and involuntarily obedient young lady become friends and even more. Where a fairy godmother is more like a trusted friend and nursemaid than some frilly, over-extravagant ninny. Where finding your inner strengthen allows you to outwit ogres, win back the one you love, and overcome a curse bestowed by ignorance. It should be noted however that Ella Enchanted the BOOK is nothing like Ella Enchanted the movie. There are no evil uncles trying to kill the Prince. Mandy's boyfriend is not accidentally transformed into a book. And Ella most certainly does not dance on tables while belting out "Somebody to Love" by Queen. No Ella Enchanted the book is much more entertaining.