Delirium  - Lauren Oliver I felt that the world constructed within this book was ok. I don't see a world where teens are forced to undergo brain surgery as plausible though. I think there would be too much scientific evidence against the procedure and the risks would be too high in order for it to be required of everyone. I also can't see a world where all manner of emotion is medically removed working out. Seems like it would crash and burn within a few decades. Too much about this book seemed implausible. I felt the characters weren't exactly flat, but they could have been developed just a little more. I just really couldn't sympathize with the characters. The relationship between Alex and Lena was too unbelievable. I mean in a world where teens are segregated from the opposite sex I felt it was too unbelievable that they would have that much freedom. I understand Lena was lying to her Aunt the whole time and saying she was with Hana, but still it seems like freedoms would be restricted quite a bit more if LOVE was that dangerous. I just didn't like this book very much. I mean it was OK...but it never really grasped my attention and pulled me into the story. I felt myself skimming through many parts just to be done with it. In my opinion love isn't such a strong emotion that it would cause people to completely lose their minds. And don't even get me started on the animal abuse present in one part of the story. That just annoyed me. If love and desire are not present then why in the heck would a family even have a pet? It just didn't make sense. You have to have a DESIRE to have an animal companion which would cause you to have a feeling of attachment (Love) toward the animal so that you would be willing to feed, water, care for the animal properly. If the procedure supposedly removes these emotions and feelings then why would anyone even seek a pet in the first place?