Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer If you are a beginning reader this book would be good to read the language is tolerable and the plot is ok. I just did not like it. I did not like the character of Edward and his inability to accept he is a vampire and that is the way it will be until he one day has his head ripped off and is set aflame. I did not like Bella because I felt her characterization was very bland. I know this books are very popular but I just couldn't take them. *Edited*I suppose it just isn't my genre and I'm sorry that I did not like it but I hope Meyer goes on to be known for something more than Twilight. I'm sure she has the ability to write a gripping novel that does not include this much romance. I hope she does. The flaws with the book have been well described by other readers and are all over the internet. Bella = Mary Sue, Edward = Obsessive/Jealous to the Point of No Return, The Story Line = Very Very Simplistic, and of course the later books just get more twisted according to others.I read this book, well actually listened to the audio-book, a few years ago. I did not like it very much. It seemed that Bella was too obsessed with Edward with no real explanation other than he was "perfect." I personally feel that the author's description of his "perfection" was over kill. Maybe if it was toned down then the book would have gotten more stars. I felt it took away from the story and really only served as a blanket explanation as to Bella's obsession. I felt that the James character could have been explained a little better. Meyer should have took the time to extend the story out at least far enough to explain why he was so darn obsessed with drinking Bella's blood, other than explaining that he wanted to hurt Edward. In actuality the other characters received more attention in my opinion and better characterization. I was then told by a friend who is a HUGE fan of the books that I NEEDED to read the book. So I did. I felt exactly the same. Then when I watched the movie, which is never a replacement for reading a book, I was so appalled that I wanted to actually run from the theater. The movie explained all my aversion to the book. I did not even realize completely that the book bothered me that much. I'm sorry for this bad review of a book that is loved by others. It is just not my cup of tea. I hope everyone else will love it. I however just couldn't take it. My apologies to lovers of Twilight.