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REBLOG: What Anne Rice Deleted as "Gangster Bully" Comments



For those wondering what got deleted, here you go. Screen shots!


I haven't gone through all of the comments, and I assume more has been deleted, but you can get a real sense of what she considers "gangster bullies".   Even Jenny Trout! (WOW!) 


Most of the comments deleted were opposing views about (STGRB). Apparently, she simply doesn't care that they use anonymous names, bully authors and reviewers, and play all the dirty tricks she claims to want stopped.


Oddly, there are very few pro comments about STGRB. Why is that? The exception are a few people who have been active in the STGRB all along. So if she can't listen to reason, maybe she should listen to the silence. It speaks loudly. Her fans may support stopping cyber-bullying (as do all of us), but they don't appear to be fans of STGRB either.


Screen shot #1: Full blog post 4/28/2014, early in day - many comments were later deleted

Screen shot #2: Full blog post 4/28/2014, later in day - you can see some of what got deleted


Screen shot #3: Full blog post 4/29/2014 late afternoon

Screen shot #4: Autumn Turner / Misanthropic Bibliophage  thread (1 of 2)  before it got deleted


Screen shot #5: Autumn Turner / Misanthropic Bibliophage (2 of 2)   with final comment (from me!) All deleted.


Screen shot #6: Ole Andreas Imsen comments -- also deleted



Screen shot #7: The now infamous Jenny Trout "Gangster Bully" thread -- also deleted


Screen shot #8: Comments by Elyse Shramm -- also deleted


Screen shot #9: Floras comments to Yvonne before deletion

Screen shot #10: Floras comments have been deleted, Yvonne's still there


And for some fun, do check out Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blog post:



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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  - J.K. Rowling

Something I don't understand, couldn't the boys hand down their old textbooks to Ginny? I mean they aren't using them anymore...even if Fred, George, Ron, and Harry still need the textbooks, couldn't Bill or Charlie, who already graduated, pass their copies down to Ginny?


And My Husband Is A Slytherin....

I'm going to agree wholeheartedly with this rating. Of course he was, in my observation, really close to being a hatstall. On the preference question he chose "no preference" so if he would have chosen either Gryffindor or Slytherin, maybe even Hufflepuff, he would have been whichever house he chose. 



 So my question is...does Ravenclaw + Slytherin make a good match? I would say yes because as he was answering the questions most of the questions I would answer true, he would answer false. But for the BIG QUESTIONS (Politics, Religion, Tolerance) we were alike. 


Anyone else taken this quiz and their partner/spouse/best friend gotten an interesting result?


Also, my brother just took the test and scored a Ravenclaw result. Go Claws. 


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Once Again I Am A Ravenclaw

I saw a post about this quiz on a blog post by a Booklikes user called Marianna. It sounded good so I decided to take the test.


Almost every Sorting Hat Quiz I take puts me in the Ravenclaw House, even Pottermore said I am a Ravenclaw. (WillowWolf69 if anyone wishes to add me on PM)

But this is a pretty good test. It is based on a personality test and has 125 T/F questions and 1 Which House Do You Want question. (It counts for 5-8% so it sends those who would be borderline just enough over the edge to keep from being a hatstall.)


I'm happy with the results.





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Spam/Advertising Accounts Following on Booklikes

Anyone else got spam/advertising accounts following you on Booklikes?


I have about Six:

1. Landscaping: Effective Weed Control Methods
2. Indoor Wheelchairs Innovated for Outdoor Performance
3. Zurich Insurance Group Switzerland
4. The Important Role of an Emergency Plumber in Your Search for Hot Water Systems
5. Long & Foster Real Estate
6. New Boilers: How Can They Benefit You and Your Family


I am happy to see I have people following me, but I'm perplexed as to why these six accounts are on Booklikes...tumblr, facebook, twitter...I would understand...


Just found it weird.


When I see comments like this, I die a little inside. You don't have to trash other readers, especially those who wish to read something less "complex" or below their actual reading level. I don't like chocolate cake or donuts covered in sugary glaze, that doesn't mean I will call someone who enjoys them a fat ass slob with no culinary taste. So why call someone who enjoys The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Twilight by such rude terms? What joy do you get from comments like this other than patting yourself on the back and showing how uncouth and insensitive you are as a person. 







Progress Report

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  - J.K. Rowling The Lightning Thief  - Rick Riordan

19% - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

14% - The Lightning Thief

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Putting Makeup on Dead People - Jen Violi

Since the Harry Potter Group Read starts today and I am attempting to read the entire Percy Jackson and the Olympians series in sync with HP, I might not finish this for a while. 

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I'm trying to do this thing where I don't judge people by what they read. I know there are people out there who will judge me by the books I enjoy. Frankly, it makes people feel like shit when you judge them based on their taste in books, clothes, or how they communicate with the world.





Funny stuff never happens to me so this brought a little giggle.
Funny stuff never happens to me so this brought a little giggle.

Stupid Perfect World: The point where I let everyone know I had some messed up dreams.

Stupid Perfect World -

This review is going to be full of spoilers. But considering it is a novella there is not much I can say about the characters, plot, and setting that wouldn't spoil the story. So your basic run down is the plot is interesting, the characters are actually funny at times, and I only found a few flaws in the story.


So it starts out set in a world where teens teleport to their classes on different continents, don't sleep, have their hormones regulated, don't get sick, and they learn about the old world in a class called Scarcity. Kieran has to do a project for his Scarcity class and unfortunately Barefoot(what kind of parent names their kid Barefoot...honestly)Tillman distracted him before he could remember to put a reminder in his headspace to do research for choosing a topic. So on the fly Kieran chooses to sleep. He wonders how bad could it really be to lay unconscious for a few hours.

The other main character in this short fiction, Maria, is a "meeker" (apparently this means nerd/overachiever), who has chosen to give up her hormone regulation for the assignment. Two weeks of teen angst, crawling skin, and uncontrollable urges. Kieran jokingly tells her not to start writing poetry. Which she actually ends up doing...cause you know teens naturally do that right off the bat. Ok, I did write a few poems as a teen, but not everyone does that.

So here they both are, trying to master the art of snoozing and feeling all kinds of conflicting feelings they have never felt before. Kieran experiences what it is like to dream. And of course he dreams about Maria. Cause you know that's how dreams go...I personally dreamed about outlandish things like werewolves breaking in the house, living in a dollhouse will tiny plates, and being able to magic myself into Walmart after hours (back when they were not 24 hour supercenters) to go shopping for all the things I could never have in real life. (It's not stealing if you use magic.)

There were some flaws such as in the beginning when he talks about everyone tries not to fall asleep in class. (They don't even know what sleep is...)
"It wasn't a real course with grades and everything, so only the most pathetic meekers worked hard at it. The rest of us just showed up and tried not to fall asleep."

And if their hormones are so well regulated then why would his father deny him his request for a bed...and not even LISTEN when he tried to explain it was for a class project. Didn't really matter, Kieran made due by putting a bunch of parkas on the floor of his room. (Apparently dude either lives in Antarctica or he owns a lot of parkas because of his interest in building a snow habitat.

(show spoiler)


Even though somethings were a bit, come on that wouldn't happen, it was a very interesting book. I kind of wish it had been a full length standalone novel. I liked Kieran and Maria well enough, but the WORLD is the one I would love to hear more about.

Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel or Going Nowhere Backwards on a Treadmill

Dust Girl - Sarah Zettel

I cannot say I truly enjoyed this book. It was boring at times and though full of wonderful details, none of them added anything to the story in my opinion. We know Callie has features of both white and black, she talks about how coarse her hair is plenty to get the point across. But we really never see her struggle because of her mixed "race". She is either assumed to be a white girl or glamoured when her skin color would give her away. There is only the internal struggle. 

[ Bull Morgan doesn't count. He knows she is mixed and he knows she is human and fairy because he is a dead person being brought back by her Uncle to kill her. These are not things he already knew. This are things he is informed about by her fairy uncle. So his use of the word pickaninny to describe her doesn't count. ]

(show spoiler)

The plot seemed to go nowhere for the majority of this book. 

[She sets out to look for her mother and in the end still hasn't found her mother. She doesn't even for sure know where her mother is located. She thinks her mother is in California because of the movie she saw in the theatre but it is never reveal if she is actually in Hollywood.]

(show spoiler)

 Not until the end does the plot pick up and then it's just a fast paced blur of circles. Never ending circles. 

[First she is looking for her mother. Then she is taking care of guests. Then she is running from the guests along with Jack. Then she meets some other fairy folk. Then she is looking for her mother again, headed to California. Then she is running from Bull Morgan. Then she is being rescued from the Trixies and Bull Morgan. Then she meets back up with one of the fairy folk. Headed toward her grandparents. Then she is held hostage by Bull Morgan. Then she is headed again toward her grandparents. Then she is running from her grandparents. Then she is dead, well half dead. Then she is looking for her mother again. The whole thing was just confusing and unnecessary. Couldn't she just go looking for her mother and run from Bull Morgan. But I guess she needed to meet her grandparents to understand they were not the people she wants to be associated with and that her Uncle is a jealous jerk who will kill her to gain the throne. ]

(show spoiler)


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pg 120 of 197

Dust Girl - Sarah Zettel

Nothing is even going on in this book. There is no progress toward any goal at all....No wonder I am bored.


Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt by G.R. Reader

OFF-TOPIC: The Story of an Internet Revolt by G.R. Reader - G.R. Reader

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Looking forward to reading this soon. I've tried to keep up with the subject on which this book is based, but I'm positive I have missed at least half of the conflict. (This book is 211 pages long, I had to have missed quite a bit.)


The preface, titled "How this book got written", gave the basic background of the conflict and illuminated why the author chose to pen this book. While critics may contend that this book is just a glorified "revenge piece" and has no place on Goodreads, I believe this book is valuable as a documentation of the experiences of those "21" reviewers who were censored in their attempt to speak out against behavior they found unfavorable. I believe this book shows that it is not "off-topic" to discuss author behavior. As a consumer I would honestly like to know what type of author I am supporting. Even if my support only amounts to having their book on my huge to be read shelf. 

I am rating this four stars at this time based on the skim read I have done of the book, my interest in the book, and my opinion on it's validity. It is my right to rate as I see fit and this is me exercising that right.

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Review: Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman

Fortunately, the Milk - Neil Gaiman, Skottie Young

A boy and girl are left at home with their father while their mother goes out of town. Unfortunately there is no milk in the house for their cereal. So the father sets off to what he thinks is a short trip to the corner shop for milk. Little does he know how that container of milk will save not just his kids from hunger but the world as well.


Great storytelling for such a short book. Funny and imaginative. I will recommend this to all my younger cousins.



Filled with aliens and dinosaurs. Pirates and a Volcano God. Vampires and Piranhas. One adventure leads to another in this short children's book by one of my favorite authors. Plus the drawings are so cute and quirky. 


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